No need to invent the wheel a second time: with so many hams operating portable there is a wealth of experience and ideas out there. I will try to collect some of them on this pages with a short description and a link to the original site.

EA6VQ´s complete portable VHF-station with a 4 element beam in a 12 kg-case

N5ESE´s site with over 50 projects and reports for portable operations

Vertical, dipole or inverted Vee - which of these simple antennas is best for portable use? This comparison with EZNEC software by University of Hawaii´s ham club says it depends mostly on your available poles.

A real world experience is delivered by MM0BQI comparing full size verticals, dipoles, classic verticals and also commercial multiband verticals. Keep in mind: it was done on an island less than 100m away from the sea in three directions. So the verticals have some advantaged per se - but very interesting to read. 

F4EIZ working 100% portable from a camper with different shortwave beams and verticals. Low band verticals consist of a 2x6m aluminium mast with a piece of tube on top to plug a fiberglass pole on it for another 10m. Energy comes from some biig batteries.