I was born 1963 in Munich and grew up in the beautiful old city Augsburg (.jpg). Around the age of 15 I discovered broadcasting stations from all over the world in my first stereo tuner trying the shortwave button. The next holiday job allowed for a Grundig shortwave-receiver - with a soon discovered SSB-function. I am a SWL (Shortwave listener) since that time, now under the call DE0MBS.
I made my licence as DL8MBS in 1981 and started DXing and contesting on shortwave from the house of my parents with a 15m-indoor dipole antenna under the roof, and later a windom and an inverted vee-doublet for 80m and up.

Since 1983 I studied in Münster. Having no antenna I dropped out of the hobby two years later to concentrate completely on my longtime favourite sport minigolf (smile on, but imagine that you should not score more than 21 hits in a big tournament to still smile after the 18 holes).

Nevertheless the radio virus came back to life in 2003 and since then I am catching hours here and there to operate in contests on a small scale level - either with very little power ("QRP") and provisional antennas from home or at portable locations in the surrounding area.

My equipment consists of a K2 (picture) for my favourite mode CW (morse signals), a KX3 for outdoors and a FT-897 as backup. For using mostly portable setups I prefer to work with balanced fed antennas with an antenna tuner. Having the paddle on the left side is because I once learned to give CW with the left hand to have the writing hand quicker on the logsheet.

For four years I had been responsible for WAG-Contest - cu on the third weekend of October!

My other hobbies are torturing me with running and the neighbours with playing piano (learning something new every day like the fact that "I did it my way" is a french song - the original from Jacques Revaux sung by Claude Francois. And then try why HIS interpretation is one of the very few songs that catches people of all generations around the world - maybe because it is so selfserving - as Sinatra himself said about that what he made out of the text from Paul Anka).

So, enough said - better have at last some other fantastic music from a guy whom you wouldn´t expect to play this piece - but it sells and sells and sells even in a cover version by Jem; and something more dramatic (you may know it from a Polanski film) and a piece making the piano really shake. Ufff - so finally something to laugh (not only for piano teachers).